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performance props


This prop creates beautiful patterns and allows for intricate, technical moves. A crowd favorite, poi allows for a wide variety of spins, flicks, and tricks to wow your audience.  


While it may look simple, the staff allows for a flow like no other. The performer can become one with the staff, rolling it around their body, bringing a unique performance to your stage. 

Dragon Staff

With eight wicks of fire, this prop packs a punch that no other can live up to. The sultry spinning of the dragon staff captivates an audience leaving them wanting more. 


Unleash the ninja inside of you. This prop combines two ancient arts, fire spinning & martial arts, to bring you an unforgettable performance.  

Fans & Palm Torchs

Enthrall your guests with the theatrical power of fire fans and palm torches. With more wicks than any other prop, fire fans bring an element of danger to its charming dance. Palm torches allows the performer to move freely around the stage through dance. 

Double Staff

More commonly known as "doubles", this prop incorporates fascinating manipulation of the staffs to create optical illusions and eye pleasing patterns. 


Very similar to poi, snakes bring more fire to the stage, allowing your guests to fully experience the excitment of fire dance. 


Bring out your inner warrior. The fire sword brings an energy of grace and strength, sure to mesmorize your guests. 


With hundreds of different light settings to choose from, LED's are a great way to deliver a customizable and playful performance to your event. 

Fire Breathing

Bring a WOW factor to your event with a fire breather! Pair a fire breathing act with our fire dancers, and you have a show that your guests will be talking about for months after your party. 

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