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From Ancient Greece all the way up to medieval alchemy, fire was considered to be one of the 4 elements of which matter was imposed of. There are but few things on Earth which can captivate us as much as the graceful movement of water and fire. At FireMotionz our passion is art, our canvas is the air, our brush - wands, our paint - fire, and our audience is up to you. In the end we are performers, and performers need an audience; we would love nothing more than paint your event.

Every member of the FireMotionz team has gone through a rigorous training program in order to bring about their talent. Collectively we have created some of the most magnificent choreographies in the industry. Our founder Ziv Segev, an Israeli native, has always been drawn to the performing arts. As a boy he would constantly seek to meet performers coming out of the Israeli Opera, or the Cameri Theater in the Tel Aviv Performing Arts Center.

At FireMotionz we go above and beyong the industry standards for both our safety and yours. Our team members have smiles stretch from ear-to-ear when they are performing, and have the kindest disposition towards our audience.

We put fire in motion

Selecting the right production company is essential to the success of any event.
Our show features a diverse collection of artists who inspire awe with high level of stunning Fire / LED, Juggling and colorful characters.

Our Vision And Mission

We meet and get to know you. You tell us and we listen. And we deliver.
Let us use our imagination and give rise to your event as you join our world of unforgettable entertainment.

We know that every event needs to stand out and be remembered. That’s why we have developed unique fire dancers and our amazing entertainment options here at FireMotionz. We know just how to enchant your evening and improve the overall impact of your event with our talented performers. We help your event set the night on fire with our variety of dynamic performance delivery options ranging from High Impact Stage Shows, Roving Performers, Meet and Greet and even Ambient Entertainment.

Performers in motion tend to stay in Fire Motionz.
Just Go With It.

- Newton (He's kinda famous) -

Meet Our Team

Need catchy phrase about these fine folks.


    / Jedi Lead

    The Jedi Lead is the founder of FireMotionz. One of the best fire performers Southern California has known. After 9 years of providing an assortment of live entertainment services he grew increasingly passionate over the beauty of live choreographed fire productions. With that new found passion he decided to specialize in the prodcution of the greatest fire choreography ever created.


    / Fire Gypsy

    Fire Barbie was born and raised in Philadelphia. She came across Ziv who introduced her to Pyrotechnic entertainment. What started out as a casual fun, became increasing passion for the art form itself. Throughout the years, her passion for the art form has not diminished, but rather has increased exponentially. "I love what I do, for all the reasons that are apreciated by the audience, and for all those that might go unoticed to the untrained eye."


    / Flame Bender

    Fire Bender got involved in fire dancing through friends in a very casual manner. With a hidden passion, he began to practice the art form every chance he got. It remained a hobby for nearly 2 years before he met Ziv at Burning Man in 2012. It's only recently that he started performing professionally, a profession that brings joy and excitement to his life.


    / Fire Cat

    Fire Cat came across her first flow toy at an Earth Day festival in Santa Barbara in 2012. It was a giant purple hula hoop. She watched the vendor dance with it in a way she had never seen before and she was immediately inspired. By 2016, she quit her job as a cocktail waitress and launched herself into a more nomadic lifestyle, training to become a fire performer, and searching for a way to live more consciously. She currently lives in Los Angeles, bringing fire excitement to SoCal.


    / The Ninja

    The Ninja returned to Los Angeles after 5 years in the navy. Looking for his life's new passion, he met friends that seems to have an amazing connection and beautiful friendship that inspired him to get closer to the art of Fire. He started practicing every spare moment and learned the art of Nunchucks Poi and Staff. He realized that this excitement will last for life. The Ninja and his Nunchucks have the power to ignite excitement in any event.


    / The Oz Spark

    The Oz Spark arrived from Sydney, Australia. Her passion for fire started a couple of years ago when she met her soul mate Matt (a.k.a The Ninja). They both found love for each other while falling in love with an art that made them stronger then ever. The appreciation and gratitude they have for each other is what makes their fire dancing unique and attractive. She demonstrates her passion and dedication to the audience by allowing the love for dance and fire flow through her.

Our Packages

We do things differently.
Focused on helping our clients to host a successful & entertaining event.

The Lone Wolf

Like the lone wolf in search of a new territory, all of out performers are eager to leave the pack in search of an audience. While it stands as the most affordable package, it allows the performer the freedom to show off the individual skills that make him/her a superstar within the FireMotionz team.

  • One performer
  • Two fire and LED instruments
  • Up to 30 minutes

The Blazing Pegasus

The Blazing Pegasus is FireMotionz's latest production. This candidly splendid performance took over a year of preperation. Like the Pegasus this production is truly divine, born from the collective minds of the team, fire has never before been given wings the way it has here.

  • Two performers
  • Four fire and LED instruments
  • Up to 45 minutes

The Flight of the Phoenix

The Phoenix in Greek mythology, associated with the sun, obtained new life by rising from the ashes of its predecessors. This original dance is designed to paint the sky red and the stage with artistic motion to enhance excitement and thrill.

  • Three performers
  • Six fire and LED instruments
  • Up to 60 minutes

Dance of the Dragons

Dance of the Dragons is the show that brings the team of FireMotionz together in the most ellaborated production. In this mesmerizing performance, the dragons will join in a colorful battle of light for the love of the audience. The dragon's dance will demonstrate the marvelous beauty of fire and bring warmth to your heart.

  • Four performers
  • Eight fire and LED instruments
  • Up to 120 minutes

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