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About Firemotionz 

From Ancient Greece all the way up to medieval alchemy, fire was considered to be one of the four elements of which matter was composed of. There are very few natural occurrences on Earth which can captivate us as much as the graceful movement of water and fire.

FireMotionz is a collection of talented artists who master the flow of fire.

We bring forward skills you will not see anywhere else.

We are reliable, professional and one of the top entertainment groups in California.

Let us use our imagination and give rise to your event as you join our world of unforgettable entertainment.

Our Vision 

To spread our passion for the art of fire dancing and give our clients a breathtaking show.

Our Mission 

Our goal is to enhance the atmosphere of your event to a greater level of fun and excitment to create the most memorable experience for you and your guests.

Check out our Facebook and Instagram pages for more information about our crew! 
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